How to keep on smiling

Thursday, August 7

We all have those "blehh" moments that we find ourselves laying on the couch, being as non-productive as you can possibly be, feeling a bit moody and down. While everyone around you seems to be perfectly fine. Can you relate to this? Well, fortunately for you, you came to the right place. Let's get those positive vibes back!

You you you! First things first. Stop thinking of others right now. This is about you! I recently saw this movie, the other woman, where the horrifying Nicky Minaj (Who knew the girl could act!) said the following thing: "Selfish people live longer". Now I'm not saying you should turn into a total diva, but it's important to put yourself first (every once in awhile).

Goodmorning! A nice productive day starts with a nice productive morning. So get your ass out of bed, have a nice bowl of yoghurt with granola & some fresh fruits and treat yourself to a nice, comforting cup of coffee!

Friends! There's probably no one else in the entire world that can cheer you up, feel motivated again & have a good time with than your best friend! So just text them and ask him/her to go for a lunch date! Nothing can make you feel better than having a good conversation with someone.

Planning! Do stuff, make plans. Productivity will lead to much more. Also there's nothing more exciting than the feeling of looking forward to things. Going to a festival, holiday, to the beach with some friends, having a dinner date with your mum, going on a trip to a near city. Etc. It doesn't matter what you're doing as long as your agenda isn't just a blank page anymore!

Bake & read! It's proven by... Me. That these 2 things will give you an instant feeling of happiness! Baking & most importantly eating the final result (also don't forget to let your friends come over to enjoy the food, no one can resist freshly baked goodies) and 2. Read a good book! Go for perhaps a Bridget Jones kinda book, so you can relate to the story and instantly realise that your maybe being a sort of drama queen. Or go for the romantic, girl goes on holiday to Tuscany to do some volunteer work in the loal b&b and falls in love with the man next to her in the plain. (Wow, I just came up with a brilliant storyline) anyways, reading will stimulate your fantasy, so it will motivate you to get off your ass and live!

Those were my 5 golden tips, or how I like to call it. The Y-G-F-P-BR method. Success garanteed!

No need to not be smiling!

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  1. great tips! especially the morning one!


  2. I love this!! And I definitely needed it right now :)