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Thursday, May 15

It's been a while since I've just sat here typing about life. It seems that every time when I'm chilling on the couch with a cup of steaming hot tea I instantly get in this blogging mode. I just need. to. blog. What tea can do with a person. Anyways, I wanted to have a little one-sided-conversation-chat about taking your time with certain things. Whether it's about school, friends or your love life, you name it! Just taking your time in general. I'm heading to a phase in life where things are going to change, big time. Moving out of my parents home, starting a new study, meeting loads of new people, basically a whole new lifestyle. A year ago I was absolutely terrified about this, I just couldn't picture myself living alone, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my study and don't get me started on the whole hardcore student life. I just wasn't ready for it. Now 365 days later, I'm sitting here with my cup of tea and a big fat smile on my face. Because I literally couldn't be more thrilled and excited for the upcoming months. Crazy how times can change and how you can grow as a person in just one year!

Moral of the story, everyone who is standing at the beginning of a new phase in life, take your time. Don't rush into things if you're not ready for it. Listen to your feelings, if it doesn't feel right yet, wait. just wait. Don't let the hurried lifestyle of our society nowadays get to you.

And try not to think too much, like me.

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  2. you're right :) good things come to those who wait ;)

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  3. Good luck in your future endeavours Lara!

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